In-D-Festival Data Base

 The Film Festival Database.

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In-D-Festival Current Database includes:

OVER 1500 World Wide Film Festivals in an Excel document! This will enable festival tracking at your fingertips! 

Festival Name with link to festival site

Festival Address

Festival Month

Festival Email contact with link

Number of years festival has been apart of the festival circuit

and if available a brief summary of the festival.

Purchase of the In-D-Festival Database is non-refundable and purchaser is entitled to one In-D-Festival Database per purchase.

Film Festivals may forward to In-D-Festivals new or edited festival information for the In-D-Festival Database. In-D-Festival will not reply  or verify if new festival has been included or edited information has been updated.  Submission does not insure publication. In-D-Festival will add and/or update In-D-Film Festival database once new or altered festival information has been verified.  In-D-Festival reserves the right to refuse inclusion in Film Festival database.

All requests to verify Festival inclusion in FF database will be declined.